Upcoming Web Series on Peacock in April 2022

This listing peeks at the exceptional new and returning Peacock collection that will be airing new episodes in 2022. The amazing Peacock collection of web series released in April 2022 consists of the entirety, from documentaries to dramas.

So please do not wait for any further and go through the list of web series for April 2022 compiled by us.

Upcoming Web series on Peacock in April 2022
Upcoming Web series on Peacock in April 2022

Upcoming Web series on Peacock in April 2022

Peacock is one of the popular platforms which releases different genres of web series, movies, and TV shows. So, to make sure you don’t miss any web series coming on Peacock, we have listed all the upcoming web series on Peacock.

Killing it 

Have you ever heard about a SITCOM about snake hunting, capitalism, class, and achieving the American Dream? Sounds WILD? That is exactly what this series led by Craig Robinson is all about. With a crew of intensely funny and bizarre characters with big dreams, the directors of this series have aimed to deliver everything the things that people love – Richness, Story depth, amazing characters, and lots and lots of JOKES.

Release Date:- April 14, 2022

Directed By:- Mo Marable

So Dumb its criminal: Hosted by Snoop Dogg 

A show features Snoop Dogg himself, with stories of criminals so stupid that we think it’s criminal to be that dumb. That smells like a good dose of entertainment and stomach-rolling laughter with Snoop’s commentary on the World’s Dumbest Criminals. This show has been on people’s waiting list for more than half a year, and finally, it is arriving this April on PeacockTV.

Release Date:- April 20, 2022

Directed By:- Ken Cooper

Smother (Season 2)

The mystery of the death of Val Ahern’s Husband continues in the second installment of the series after the huge success of season 1. The strong Matriarch of the Family and her 3 daughters is digging deeper into what or who could have caused the man’s death.

Release Date:- April 28, 2022

Directed By:- Dathaí Keane

Web Series arriving on PeacockTV in APRIL 2022

Kevin Can Wait (Season 1-2)

Kevin is a retired Police officer and a newly single dad struggling to balance his new fatherly life and career path. But his children have other plans for him, so they call in a police officer and Kevin’s former partner Vanessa for help. What goes further is both funny and heartwarming in this Romcom.

Release Date:- April 1, 2022

Directed By:- Andy Fickman

Return to Beijing (Season 1) 

This particular series will recap the iconic memories of the Beijing Winter Olympics 2021. This brings to us many competitive moments and in-depth analysis of the events in the way of pure storytelling. This is a second chance to live the best moments of the world’s biggest sports event.

Release Date:- April 1, 2022

Madagascar: A little wild (Season 7) 

The 7th season of a children’s favorite computer-animated comedy series will arrive on PeacockTV. This is the backstory for the large fan-favorite movie series of Madagaskar and thus gives us the adventures of the kid version of our favorite characters like Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman.  

Release Date:- April 4, 2022

Created by:-  Dana Starfield

The Croods: The Family Tree (Season 2)

The second season of the story of our loved prehistoric family, “the croods,” and their adventures is arriving soon on PeacockTV. But this time, with an unusual union of forces with a completely different family, “The Bettermans” created a new society, which just might lead to the best farming cooperation ever seen in prehistory. It is a classic comedy set up for a good family viewing.

Release Date:- April 5, 2022

Produced By:-  Mark Banker and Todd Grimes 

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills (Season 11)

There will soon be Real Housewives across America (for better or for worse) as we get to the 11th season of Bravo’s successful reality TV franchise in Beverly Hills. It follows the lifestyles and little nuances of the famous and rich housewives as would be expected from Beverly hills. Of course, the ladies change throughout the seasons, but the level of entertainment never goes down in this franchise.

Release Date:- April 11, 2022

Produced By:- Andrew Hoegl, Barrie Bernstein, Lisa Shannon, Pam Healy, and Andy Cohen

The Real Murders of Atlanta (Season 1)

This series portrays the alarming and scary cases of murders in the city of Atlanta and the dark and dangerous aspects of the New South. These stories are depicted by eyewitnesses, Family members, Investigators, and police officers. Each of these stories spanning an hour, gives us an insight into the cruel world of Atlanta, where people are ready to kill each other in an ongoing battle for riches and respect and are willing to kill to keep it.

Release Date:- April 12, 2022

Directed By:- Jamie Slomski

Snapped: Killer Couples (Season 16)

This series features stories of brutal murders or criminal attempts by couples and goes along with the stories of manipulation, betrayal, evolving relationships, etc., that led to their actions. These stories are depicted with a mixture of storytelling, personal interviews with direct accounts of witnesses’ acts, and re-enactments of the stories. These are stories of love, passion, and unimaginable crimes.

Release Date:- April 19, 2022 

Produced By:- Stephen Land, Deborah Allen

Sin Senos Sí Hay Paraíso (Seasons 1-3)

This Spanish Telenovela series is about the lives of two sisters, Catalina Marín and Catalina Santana. Catalina is a high school student. And the story revolves around how these two sisters, no matter their financial situations and problems, prove to us that it isn’t always important to go for prostitution, drug trafficking, and breast enlargement if we want to live a good life. Sound inspirational! And you get all three seasons of it.

Release Date:- April 25, 2022

Directed By:- Monica Botero

The Fatal Attraction Murder

This special series is about the famous murder case of Betty Jeanne Solomon by former schoolteacher Carolyn Warmus over her love affair with Betty’s husband. Carolyn was recently released in 2019 after her 27 year-long prison sentence. This series features an exclusive interview with Carolyn Warmus and the police investigator who investigated the entire case, the lawyers, Judges, jurors, and media persons who covered the case. Everyone reveals what they felt about the case then and how they see it now.

Release Date:- April 26, 2022

The Conclusion

From What we can see from the new release schedule of PeacockTV, the month of April 2022 gives off the vibes of being full of Interesting web series with all flavors of life you could ask for.

Whether you like heartwarming romantic comedy, rich drama, reality TV entertainment, Rolling our of bed jokes, international sports, or bone-chilling crime documentaries, there is something for everyone coming on Peacock this April 2022.

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