Vikings Valhalla Release Date, Cast, Story

According to some Greek mythologists, an era was supposed to be the best. An era where Vikings started as mere expeditions in search of food and land turned into an era of great warriors, fierce warriors, and humans that not only conquered lands but devoured everything which came in front of them. 

Yes, you heard it right! We are talking about the Vikings, a historical-based series on Netflix. If you are unaware of the story, you need to be a part of the Viking clan and watch all the seasons of Vikings till now!

The reason is “Vikings Valhalla To understand and stick to the story, you need to watch from season 1 to 6. The storyline comprises events beyond words, feelings that are hard to describe, and rampage that will open your mouths in an “aww.”

On the other hand, Vikings Valhalla is set to release on the 25th February 2022 with 8 episodes. So you will watch the first season on Netflix when the Vikings Valhalla release date arrives. 

Here’s the Known facts about Viking: Valhalla Season 1

Vikings: Valhalla Story Origin:


  • Vikings: Valhalla storyline start in the early 11th century, even then the story begins after 100 years after of Initial Vikings expedition 
  • Vikings stand toe to toe in front of the Kingdom of England. The Kingdom of England has no intent to show mercy to these Scandinavian raiders. 
  • Overwhelming adventures of Lief Erikson. Adventures took place even centuries before when Columbus said, “ Follow the light of sun and you will reach your destination.”


Moreover, Vikings: Valhalla storylines are slightly similar to Vikings’ historical drama. Not only this, the cast found its way back to Kattegat, where the previous Vikings shooting had taken place.

However, the main Vikings: Valhalla Storyline summarises three legendary Vikings who travel the globe at the time of war with the English Royals. The rampage between English Royals, Vikings, Pegan Vikings, and Christian Vikings took turns where hundreds of thousands of people got killed, and no man was left; things escalated to the point of no return for the Vikings. 

Vikings: Valhalla Cast

There will be no harm in saying that Vikings: Valhalla is a show where several characters play a key role. The plots and turns within the story of Vikings are so interesting that expectation must rise with the new upcoming spinoff of Viking, also called Viking: Valhalla.

The cast members must be hundreds of talented artists, but we have mentioned the ones who will play an important part throughout the seasons.

Here are the ten main and recurring Vikings Valhalla cast;


  • Sam Corlett ( Chilling adventure of Sabrina:

The kid comes from a pitiful place, trapped in the pagan belief; the boy turns out to be a trained sailor and a fierce man.

  • Frida Gustavsson (The Witcher) is Freydis Eriksdotter is a savage pagan who has this insane belief in “old gods.”
  • Leo Suter (The Liberator) plays the role of Harald Sigurdsson. The role of last known berserker.
  • Bradley Freegard played the king of Denmark.
  • Johannes Haukur Jóhannesson (Cursed) plays the role of Olaf Haraldson, who is the elder brother of Harald Sigurdsson.
  • The role of Normandy played by Laura Berlin (Breaking Even). A descendant of Viking blood and a member of Norman Court. A highly dignified and one of the wealthiest ladies in Europe.
  • David Oakes (The Borgias) is Earl Godwin, the clever person who plays the role of counselor to the king of England; however, his cunning tactics make him the lone survivor after the Viking’s expeditions.
  • Caroline Henderson (Christmas Star) will play the part of a tolerant leader and a keen ruler of Kattegat named Jarl Haakon, who maintained the city of Kattegat despite the pressuring environment they faced throughout the years.
  • Pollyanna Mclntosh plays as a Queen Ælfgifu. She keeps a check in the ever-changing political environment of Northern Europe.

    Viking Valhalla release date, cast
    Viking Valhalla

Once the season arrives, you will be able to witness the traits we mentioned and the changes and shifts in characters that occur during different expeditions and fights they face as they move towards their end.

What People are looking for in the upcoming seasons of Vikings: Valhalla


The majority of us have queries whether this show is the spinoff of the original Vikings show or an entirely new one.

  • Will anycast from previous Vikings show in the new upcoming series?
  • Is the Viking: Valhalla Trailer out yet?
  • Filming location of the series?
  • Will the show continue? What’s the plan for the future?


These simple questions will be answered within a minute.

  • Yes, some of the previous members who have already worked in the Vikings series are working on the new Vikings: Valhalla Plot.
  • The trailer for the show is already out and has left a significant mark on the viewers’ minds.
  • Vikings: Valhalla was filmed at the same location as before with the help of pre-occupied production of the Vikings series.
  • Moreover, the place is dear to the Vikings, Ashford Studios, Wicklow, Ireland.
  • You need not worry about the seasons as Jeb Stuarts, who is known to write movies like The fugitive, has already declared that Viking: Valhalla is set to produce three seasons for the show. It will comprise 24 episodes, out of which the production of seasons 1 and 2 has officially ended in November 2021.

Whatever may be the reason, Vikings: Valhalla will be a blockbuster as the storyline and rampage are always loved and adored. The Vikings seasons’ blockbuster success has paved the path for the upcoming series.

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Moreover, In my opinion, Vikings: Valhalla will break all the previous records of any season of Vikings as the craze and amazing climax time of the work has incredibly improved over the seasons. If you agree with the things I say, comment on the section below and let us know your thoughts regarding the Viking: Valhalla Storyline1.

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