Warrior Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer and more

Critically acclaimed warriors have been ever since popular amongst fans now from 2019. Since then, it has been a question if the show will return for all the fans who loved this series which carried martial arts as its theme and the surprising thing. Being Shanon Lee (Bruce Lee’s daughter) pursuing the show to maintain her Father’s long legacy of achievements.

The show has received a green signal from its producers to be stretched over season 3 of this show, Stay with us for a super quick read, and we will fetch you some of the best available updates through our article.

Warriors Season 3 Release Date

Warriors have been loved by their fans and have always been anticipated. Now, if the show stands any chance of setting its feet towards the path of season 3? Well, there is some good news for everyone waiting for solid confirmation!

Warrior Season 3
Warrior Season 3

The show has always closely followed Bruce Lee’s path being an action-drama/ thriller series. In honor of the anniversary of Mr. Bruce Lee’s Death, her daughter, Shanon Lee, took an opportunity to announce that the show is set to begin its production for the 3rd season.

Warriors Season 3 has been confirmed via Twitter on June 20, 2022, that the show will roll into production by July 18, 2022. But unfortunately, we can only wait for further confirmation for a particular release date for Warriors Season 3.

Warriors Season 3 Cast

Since we know that Warriors Season 3 was announced nearly a month ago, nothing about the returning cast isn’t confirmed.

In an interview with inverse, Jonathan Trooper has been asked if any of the warrior cast will be returning for the third season, and he quoted, “Confirming implies a deal is done, and HBO is in the process of doing those yet. We are trying to bring everybody back, and we are confident we will.

Though here is our list of protagonists or prominent cast members we expect will be joined for the Warriors season 3:-

  • Andrew Koji is to be reprised for his role of Ah Sahm. Koji has been seen portraying the role of a martial artist and this show’s central character.
  • Dianna Doan played the role of Mai Ling during the initial two seasons.
  • We may see Olivia Cheng, who plays the role of Brothel madam Ah Toy.
  • During an interview with pop culture, it is also revealed that Shanon Lee may have a cameo in the third season of warriors.

Warriors Season 3 Trailer

The show is still under the wraps, the production has recently begun, and hence there is no trailer available for season 3 of warriors, yet we can expect the trailer to come out during the early months of 2023.

Warriors Season 3 Premiere Date

The warriors have not received any official Premiere date from HBO yet. A different channel has carried the first two seasons of this show! Both first seasons are available to stream for the viewers on HBO max.

Warriors Season 3 Storyline

The story has been closely following up on the timeline of Bruce Lee’s Death anniversary for its Renewal status by July 20, 2022. With the new season and Zing breaking out of the prison in the last season, one could expect further drama from this premise to be carried on for the third season storyline if we look at the patterns makers have framed so far.

The Conclusion

Warriors seem like one of those series with more to offer rather than the traditional setup of an action drama to be unfolded, so if you are looking forward to watching a new range of stories, you should put all the seasons of warriors on your watch list.

The show has been well received by the fans and will be available on the HBO channel and streaming platforms worldwide. Stay tuned with us for further updates on this show, and we will make sure to deliver you the best reviews for all your favorite shows. Till then, Happy-Binge Watching!

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