Wednesday Release Date, Cast, Trailer and More updates

An upcoming show named Wednesday is soon coming straight to their screens through Netflix for horror lovers. The series would be focusing on Wednesday Addams, a member of the Addams family. The comedy-horror would be focusing on this notable personality among her entire family.  

Wednesday Addams has a large fan base, and people have seen her getting included in many television shows. Numerous actresses have been in this character, each portraying it well and being loved by the audience. Therefore, creator Tim Burton decided to create an entirely new series loaded with adventure and fantasy, completely dedicated to Addams. 

The shooting of the series began on 13 September 2021 and is expected to end in February 2022. The ongoing pandemic played a major role in the delay in filming. The location selected is Bucharest, Romania. Certain speculations have been made that the series may not have entered the post-production stage till now, and some final shooting may be left to get done as well. 

Wednesday Release Date

Wednesday premiere date has not been revealed in front of the public yet. The only announcement made is that the series would be having eight episodes. Certain sources have signaled that Wednesday may be released near Halloween 2022. Yet, no authentic information is available from the end of the production team or the creators.

No updates regarding the completion of the filming are available as well. The information is awaited so that viewers can have updates about the release of the series. 

Wednesday Cast

Here is the Wednesday complete cast with character names.

  • Gwendoline Christie plates her character as Larissa Weems, a Supernatural School Nevermore Academy principal.
  • Morticia Addams, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, has a long-time grudge against her former classmate.
  • Isaac Ordonez in an as Pugsley Addams. The character Victor Dorobantu plays the important role of Thing.
  • George Burcea plays the tall servant role named Lurch.
  • Tamara Novak is a staff member at Nevermore Academy, played by Thora Birch. She is Wednesday’s dorm mother.
  • Jamie McShaneis portrays the character of Sheriff Donovan Galpin, who always suspects Nevermore Academy. Luis Guzmán, played by Gomez Addams, is in disputes with the sheriff.
  • Hunter Doohan plays the Sheriff’s son Tyler Galpin. He is a local who is a good friend of Wednesday Addams.
  • Dr. Valerie Kinbott is a local therapist played by Riki Lindhome. She has a lot of interest in her new patient Wednesday.
  • Joy Sunday plays the role of Bianca Barclay, who comes from a long line of Sirens. She is quite a popular student of Nevermore Academy.
  • Percy Hynes White is an artistic student at Xavier Thorpe from a wealthy family.
  • Georgie Farmer plays Ajax Petropolis, a shy and awkward student, and a Gorgon.
  • Moosa Mostafa plays the character of quirky student Eugene Ottinger. He is the president of the school bee-keeping club.
  • Emma Myers plates her character as Enid Sinclair, Wednesday’s Californian roommate at the Academy.
  • The vampire character Yoko Tanaka is played by Naomi J. Ogawa, one of the coolest kids in the Nevermore Academy.

Some other characters like also look out for Tommie Earl Jenkins (Mayor Walker), Iman Marson (Lucas Walker), William Houston (Joseph Crackstone), Luyanda Unati Lewis-Nyawo (Deputy Santiago), Oliver Watson (Kent), Calum Ross (Rowan) and Johnna Dias Watson (Divina).

Wednesday Trailer

No official trailer has been uploaded on any video streaming platform yet as the series has not entered into the production stage till now. However, the official poster has been released so far, depicting the silhouette of the lead character. Adhering to her dark persona, Wednesday plays the cello using a knife.

The fans want to know whether Wednesday would be carrying her customary look in the series wearing black or if some changes in her appearance and attire are made. 

Furthermore, audiences have questioned the second season of the series as well. It is still unclear if the series would wind up in a single season or more of them would be present. 

Wednesday Storyline

Wednesday Addams has been a famous character shown in many movies and TV shows. Her shady character goes well, along with her somewhat scary appearance and dressing style. Several films had included Addams family as their part, but it is for the first time that a whole series revolves around Addams’ life.

The cast would be playing mixed roles; both children and adults would be seen in the show. According to the information released,  the girl, Willa/Wednesday Addams, gets kicked out of 8 schools in her town within five years. Her parents then shifted her to the boarding school that used to be their alma mater.

Willa did not take an interest in knowing about the school and was planning a way to escape, but she came to understand that the school was not a normal one. Unusual beings studied in that school with her, like vampires and werewolves. The school also takes her to her family’s past, which later on she solves by herself.

It has also been mentioned that the girl is known for saving the local town from a haunting spree by using her psychic abilities. 

The Conclusion

The audience does not expect a long wait, and they hope that the series reaches their screens as soon as possible so that they’ll be able to see if their favorite Wednesday is the same they have seen in the other movies or if some new additions are there in her character, so it looks more dark and ferocious. 

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