Wentworth Season 10 Release Date, Cast and More Updates

Wentworth is one of the most popular shows in Australian TV history. The show completed 100 episodes with a total number of eight seasons. Will there be Wentworth’s 10th season? Naturally, fans are more excited to see the tenth season. However, the chances are significantly less. Suppose you think how fans are demanding for season ten if season 9th is not yet released.

After season 7, Wentworth announced that they would release two parts for the eighth season. In addition, people call the 2nd part of the eighth season the ninth season. Wentworth is a TV drama show. The show is more likely to be based on “Prisoner.” The prisoner is an old TV show which aired from 1979 to 1986.

The show focuses on the prominent role and her surviving life in prison. After Season 9 of Wentworth ( eight seasons, two parts), the show is widespread across all the regions. Unfortunately, after 100 episodes, there are possibly fewer chances to witness another season. However, we will keep you updated as soon as we get something from the show’s officials.

Wentworth Season 10 Release date

Wentworth Season 10
Wentworth Season 10

The season nine final episode was aired on 26 October 2021. However, it’s been six months, and there is still no update for the Wentworth Season 10 release date. If there are still any chances, which we honestly think is less, then the show might release by the end of the year.

For Wentworth season 10, we have no information. Neither any talks have been made yet from the officials for the renewal, nor any show’s cast statement has clarified about season ten arrival. However, we will keep you updated about anything related to this show.

Wentworth Cast

As per some fans and Internet talks, there are still few chances for season ten renewal. However, we can’t expect anything from the unofficial discussions.

Here is what we expect of how Wentworth season ten Cast is going to:-

  • Kate Atkinson will continue to play as Vera Bennett. 
  • Robbie Magasiva will continue to play his part as Will Jackson. 
  • Katrina Milosevic will be playing her part as Sue Jenkins.
  • Jacqueline Brennan will continue to play her role as Linda Miles. 

If the show renews its tenth season, there is a high possibility of seeing some new characters. In addition, the Cast could grow to make the show more different and exciting with twists in the storyline.

Wentworth Season 10 Trailer

The ninth season did end with some conclusions. We think there will be no season ten for Wentworth. The ninth season was the finale with a satisfying ending. However, the show could reboot the story and start with a new cast and a bit different storyline. 

The show gained massive popularity, so there are chances for some new stuff from the Cast of Wentworth. The show could release a reunion or a different sort of season relating to Wentworth.

Wentworth Season 10 Storyline

The shooting of Wentworth’s season 10 is not going to happen. Therefore, there is not even a slight chance to see cast members back on stage. However, if the show brings a reunion part, it could bless the fan’s heart. The show ended on 26 October 2021. We all witnessed some good ends with peaceful conclusions in the last episode. 

In the last episode, we saw how the prisoners were trying to make their way in safety. The final episode of the ninth season got 9.4 stars out of 10. It felt like the goodbye of the most dramatic Australian show.

Wentworth Season 10 Premiere Date

It is not even a chance to see the premiere of Wentworth season ten, as the ninth season was the end. However, if the show brings any reboot season or reunion, it is more likely to be in late 2023 or Mid 2024. We will update you as soon as we get any information about anything on the show. 

The Conclusion

If we talk about ratings, then Wentworth has an excellent one. It has 8.7/10 ratings on IMDB, with 608 popularity. The show had made a massive fanbase out of their drama story. The show started in 2013 and ends in 2021 with 100 amazing episodes.

We suggest this series if you love Drama, fun, suspense kind of shows the must-watch Wentworth. It’s worth watching. 

If you want anything to know about this series or have any questions, let us know. In addition, please also do share your thoughts about this show in our comment section.

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