We’re the Millers 2 Release Date, Cast and More Updates

The popular Crime-comedy movie We’re the Millers is returning with its sequel ‘We’re the Millers 2’. The film premiered on August 7, 2013, in the United States and received blended reviews from the viewers. The film was also proposed for 6 MTV Movie Awards and 4 People’s Choice Awards.

The Comedy fans must be excited to watch its sequel now. But unfortunately, it’s already been a very long time since the movie was released in 2013, but no news regarding the release date of We’re the Millers 2 has come out yet.

In this article we will try to present all the available information concerning the movie ‘We’re the Millers 2’, we hope that you might not want to skip that and will therefore read the article till the end.

We’re the Millers 2 Release Date

New Live Cinema & Warner Bros. Pictures, on February 25, 2014, have revealed the coming up of a sequel to the movie ‘We’re the Millers.’ They had confirmed that a sequel was being developed and was in progress.

The script for the sequel was said to be drafted by Adam Sztykiel. But since then, a no more official announcement regarding the We’re the Millers 2 has been made. Therefore, we can conclude that the We’re the Millers 2 Release Date is not declared yet.

We’re the Millers 2 Cast

‘We’re the Millers’ had an outstanding cast that led to the movie’s nomination for various award titles. Many of those stars may also return for the sequel and be joined by some new stars. We’re the Millers 2 Cast can comprise of the following stars:-

  • Jason Sudeikis will portray the character of David Clark, who is the main protagonist in the movie.
  • Jennifer Aniston will play the role of Rose, whom David hires to act as his wife to complete his crime plan.
  • Will Poulter will act as Kenny Rossmore, whom David hires to act as his son.
  • Emma Roberts will portray the runaway teenage girl Casey Mathis whom David hires to act as his daughter.
  • Ed Helms can again be seen in the role of Brad Gurdlinger, who was a black hat and smuggler.
  • The character of Melissa’s father, Don Fitzgerald, will be portrayed by Nick Offerman, while Kathryn Hahn will portray that of her mother, Edie Fitzgerald.
  • Molly Quinn will be seen playing Melissa Fitzgerald, while Tomer Sisley can reprise his role as Pablo Chacon’s villain.
  • Thomas Lennon may also appear as Rick Nathanson, a previous class fellow of David.

As we have already said, We’re the Millers 2 will also welcome some new additions to its cast, so be ready to get the news about them.

We’re the Millers 2 Trailer

Movie producers have not released any trailer for the movie yet. However, we can expect it to come after the We’re the Millers 2 Premiere Date declaration.

We’re the Millers 2 Storyline

The story begins with a petty marijuana salesman named David getting burglarized. He was indebted to Brad Gurdlinger, who forced him to smuggle marijuana from Mexico for his debt clearance and then started a whole new comedy-drama. David manages to form an artificial family for himself that can help him in the smuggling. To some extent, they also succeed in their mission.

The original movie ended with the scene showing many marijuana plants in the millers’ house. The sequel is expected to showcase some excellent crime comedy again for the viewers. Unfortunately, we have to calmly wait for the movie premiere to determine what the Millers will do next.

The Conclusion

All of you must be excited to know about the next crime plan of the Millers. We are excited too! But nothing much can be predicted about the We’re the Millers 2 Release Date. But don’t worry, we will keep updating this page with all the upcoming updates concerning the sequel movie. So, make sure that you bookmark this page.

Have you watched We’re the Millers previous season? Tell us in the comments which Miller entertained you the most! Also, please bookmark this page for regular updates and news regarding the We’re The Millers Premiere date.

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