White Bird: A Wonder Story Release Date, Trailer 2022

Keeping in view the fame and success of the Wonder movie, Lionsgate will soon be gearing its sequel in the form of a sequel. Titled White Bird: A Wonder Story will feature Auggie and Julian. 

The movie is based on a beautiful novel from the Palacio that accentuates the hardship faced by Julian’s grandma. Her grandma was a minor Jewish girl who survived World War II struggling in France.

Besides disclosing the graphic novel on which the movie is based, Lionsgate is hesitant to reveal anything about the White Bird: A Wonder Story Storyline. Moreover, fans seem to be amazed waiting for the great glory from Lionsgate.

What does the Film Showcases in its Plot?

In the original movie, “Wonder,” tyrant Julian Albans leaves Beecher Prep. He and his personnel then find out that Beecher Prep and his family bullied Auggies over his looks and appearance. 

Moreover, Julian realizes his mistakes by the end of the movie. Life begins for Julian when his Grandma visits him. Her grandmother survived World War II while residing in France and shares her struggles in White Bird: A Wonder Story.

The White Bird: A Wonder Story Plot centers on Julian’s grandma as the protagonist. In the movie, his grandmother is a young Jew entangled in the middle of World War II in France. She struggled a lot during then; that’s hard to imagine. The movie is of the Drama genre. Moreover, with the endeavors and courage of her classmate, she manages to survive the challenges and best them.

Similar to the story of Julian and Auggie, Julian’s grandma had a story. Her grandma was not as remarkable as a friend, yet, her friend’s dynamic personality and compassion that the latter poured in helped develop a strong bond. 

It, therefore, makes apparent why her grandmother’s life story presents valuable teaching to Julian. However, how Julian understands it and implements the same is worth watching! 

White Bird: A Wonder Story Cast

Much information about White Bird: A Wonder Story Cast is not out yet. But we have some part of it to share with you. Marc Forster has directed the movie. The film stars the following actors/actresses in various roles:

  • Helen Mirren is the protagonist (Grandmère) named Sara.
  • Bryce Gheisar plays the role of Julian Albans.
  • Gillian Anderson acts as Vivienne.
  • Arielle Glaser plays the role of Young Sara.
  • Orlando Schwerdt plays the character of Julien.
  • Jo Stone-Fewings’s character is unknown at the moment.

White Bird: A Wonder Story Trailer

The film will be released in the English language in the theaters. The movie White Bird: A Wonder Story Trailer is not out yet. Audiences are eagerly waiting for any official video so, you can expect it anytime soon to be out.

White Bird: A Wonder Story Release Date 2022

The movie “White Bird: A Wonder Story” has been worked upon by Lionsgate and Mandeville Films since 2019. They had also announced about its filming then. After the “Wonder” superhit, the two had adapted the White Bird movie sequence. Besides the two production houses, Participant has also acquired the co-execute production and co-finance rights for the movie “White Bird: A Wonder Story.

White Bird A Wonder Story 2022 Movie
White Bird A Wonder Story 2022 Movie

Mark Bomback has written the novel on which the movie is based. It’s based on the direction of Marc Forster and produced by Todd Lieberman, R.J. Palacio, and David Hoberman.

Besides, on April 28, Lionsgate officially announced the movie’s release date considering the channel’s fame and infusing some excitement in fans. As per Lionsgate and Deadline, White Bird: A Wonder Story Release Date is September 16, 2022, for theatrical release. However, any OTT Platform release date isn’t out yet, and maybe the rights haven’t been granted for OTT platforms as of now. 

Moreover, it’s not the only movie releasing on the date. Two more films will share the release date, namely- “Distant” and “The Woman King.”


Have the Sources Released Any of the Spoilers for the Film?

The film White Bird: A Wonder Story Spoilers aren’t revealed by any sources. However, the film is based upon a graphic novel, so you can expect the movie to be on similar lines. Here, Julian is working on his Humanities class’ school project. For this purpose, he thinks of calling his grandma to Paris, who lived even during World War II. He intends to know the struggles faced by his grandma. He even enquired more about grandma’s lifestyle then, her efforts that she faced during the World War when France was acquired by the youngster residing in France. 

The Nazis had started assembling in Grandma Sara’s small town. Her grandma had then been hiding from them to remain safe. Grandma’s friend cum classmate had helped her stay safe, and her family had kept her secure for more than a year. Sara realized how selfish she had been before and then learned the important values like compassion, empathy, kindness, and humanity.

She also explains that it’s now the time for the younger generation to continue with the legacy of essential values.

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