Will there be a Good Girls Season 5? Everything we know so far!

Good Girls, one of Netflix’s more popular shows, was a crime comedy-drama show that was generally well-received. The show followed suburban mothers trying to make ends meet and thus turn to a world of crime, which led to them robbing a store. But things go out of hand, as is seen through the show.

Regarding the fifth season, it was supposed to be the grand finale for the show. However, it is still unconfirmed and is in limbo. However, here is what we know

Good Girls Season 5 Release Date

The fourth season was released in March of 2021, and despite it being a year since its release, there has been no word on the production of the good girls season 5, let alone the release date. However, once we get a green light from Netflix or NBC, we can expect the show to commence, and a release date in 2023 can be expected.

Good Girls Season 5 Cast

The main cast is as follows:

  • Christina Hendricks as Elizabeth Boland, the leader of the group of mothers turned criminals, whose husband cheated on her.
  • Retta is Ruby Hill, Elizabeth’s best friend and a waitress struggling to pay the bills.
  • Mae Whitman will play as Annie Mark Elizabeth’s; she plays like a younger sister and a mother.
  • Reno Wilson portrays his character as Stanley, Ruby’s husband, who is a cop.
  • Manny Montana plays Christopher, a criminal who forms a relationship with Elizabeth.
  • Lidya Jewett plays the character of Sara, Ruby’s and Stan’s daughter.
  • Matthew Lillard will play on the screen as Dean, Elizabeth’s husband.

Good Girls Season 5 Premiere Date

There has been no concrete update regarding the fifth season. Nothing at all regarding production or release date. However, once it gets greenlit, we can expect it to drop next year.

Good Girls Season 5 Renewal Status

As there has been no update on anything about the show after season 4, the fate of the show hangs in limbo. Moreover, the network cannot arrive at a contractual agreement, the low ratings the show has received on the network, and the rumoured working difficulties between Hendricks and Manny Montana, the fifth and final season is up in the air.

The problems hounding the show don’t seem to make sense because, despite the show tanking in ratings on NBC, it has been becoming increasingly popular on Netflix, where it has been finishing in the top 10 lists of the website. And if financial viability is a problem, Netflix can take the reins and revive the show. Also, the clashes on set between Hendricks and Manny Montana are just unfounded rumours, making filming difficult, and they could probably be all fine after all.

The Conclusion

Netflix is used to situations like these. In the past, Netflix had famously revived Lucifer from NBC and made it a Netflix exclusive. And not only did they do that successfully, but Lucifer is also now easily one of Netflix’s most popular shows, and they managed to finish it perfectly.

Seeing how there is just one season to go in Good Girls, Netflix could do the same and bring it to its end. But, for now, we have to wait.

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