Will there be a Deep Water 2? Here is what we know so far!

March 19, 2022: Adrian Lyne’s latest chilling thriller movie Deep Water has launched a few weeks ago and received positive responses from its viewers; The film is inspired by the famous Novel 1957 Deep Water penned by Patricia Highsmith.

The Deep Water, which premiered on March 18, 2022, is bought to us by Hulu, 20th Century Studios and Entertainment One, and the movie is streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Videos.

The makers of the movie Deep Water is planning to come with the Deep Water 2 of the movie, seeing its increasing audience with an IMDB rating of 5.5 out of 10 and 37% Rotten Tomatoes.

It has been speculated that the narrative may continue with a new twist in the sequel of Deep Water, where in the first part, various crime scenes took place, ensuing the extra-marital affairs of the wife of a well-established husband who granted his wife to have love affairs with many guys to keep away the problem of divorce.

Though the makers have not yet confirmed anything about the film’s sequel, the next part may come or not; It totally depends on the viewership of the first part of Deep Water. The makers are clearly ignoring the Deep Water 2 sequel till now; might they disclose some facts later.

“The director returns after a 20-year absence to the familiar territory of high-gloss adultery and its fallout in this Patricia Highsmith adaptation premiering in Hulu” –The Hollywood Reporter.

According to reports from The Hollywood Reporter, “The Primary usefulness of Deep Water is as a record for celebrity chroniclers of the Off-camera romance that made co-stars Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas a Tabloid thing for a minute, hopefully with better chemistry than they generate on-screen. But it does serve a secondary purpose for those of us who have ever considered the prodigious gifts of Tracy Letts as both playwright and actor and wondered, ‘Is there anything he can’t do?’ well, it turns out he can’t emerge unscathed from and Adrian Lyne erotic thriller, not that anyone does in this case.”

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