Women of the Movement Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Story

ABC’s Women of the Movement is an uncompromising upcoming limited series. ABC has announced that it will be released in the year 2022. The best part of the story is that it’s based upon a true story.

Will Smith and Jay-Z intended to concentrate more on women’s participation in the civil rights movement. So, both of them started the development of this limited series in the year 2016. Finally, on the 65th anniversary of Emmett Till’s murder, ABC decided to approve the series.

Women of the Movement Release Date

Women of the Movement is said to comprise 6 episodes. These 6 episodes will be released in three parts. The episodes’ first part will be released on 6th January 2022. So, you can say that the Women of the Movement Release Date is 6 January 2022.

Women of the Movement Trailer

Emmett’s murder had been the onset in beginning the Civil Rights Movement. Devery Anderson motivated and wrote a popular book named, “Emmett Till: The Murder that shocked the world and drive the Civil Rights Movement.” The Women of the Movement Trailer is now out on YouTube officially and you can watch it!

Some fans are already hooked to its trailer as it’s very interesting. They are excited to see Emmett and his mother. History-lovers are longing to watch the story of Emmett when he was alive. The series would be streaming on the OTT platform, ‘Hulu.’

Women of the Movement  Cast

Women of the Movement is a miniseries that has a list of many actors and actresses in its cast. Some of them are already popular while other ones are fresh faces. Adrienne Warren is said to be the protagonist of Mamie Till-Mobley. You would Cedric Joe acting as Emmett Till.

Women of the Movement
Women of the Movement

What is the series based upon?

Women of the Movement Plot is based upon Mamie Till-Mobley and his son Emmett Till. He was cruelly murdered in the region of Jim Crow South. The plot focuses on Mamie Till-Mobley’s fight to ensure that his son’s death should not be forgotten. It’s set in 1955, Mamie Till-Mobley fights to get justice for her son and thus begins the civil rights movement.

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What to expect in the storyline? 

Women of the Movement Storyline revolves around the life of 14-year-old Emmett Till. The story takes a turn from his murder. The story is based on Devery Anderson’s book.

In reality, the incident occurred in 1955. Till travels to Mississippi for meeting his relatives. He was falsely alleged to offend a white woman at a grocery store. In this way, he was beaten to death by J.W. Milam and Roy Byrant. This murder spread the fear of terrorism in many people’s minds. Several people were aggressive to the extent of violence by African-American descent.

At Till’s funeral, her mother Mamie kept Till’s coffin open as she wanted people to know how cruelly his son was murdered. In the process of fighting for his son’s death, she became a social activist for the civil rights movement. Her motive was to provide justice to his late son.

So,  hope you guys are excited for the Women of the Movement. Don’t forget to watch the series in January!


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